Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ‘CAD’ drawing?

CAD stands for computer aided design and drafting and it refers to designing and documenting technical specs and plans in various engineering and design fields.

What are concept drawings?

Concept drawings are drawings that are used by designers (such as architects, engineers, and interior designers) as a quick and simple way of exploring initial ideas for designs. Concept design implies an idea, or range of ideas, a development approach, a guiding concept and a design intent. Concept drawings can also be used to explore more technical aspects of a design, providing an initial response and possible solutions to problems.

A set of concept drawings done by Crawford CAD Services consists of: a cover sheet, a detailed floor plan (noting cabinetry & dimensions), elevations (noting dimensions and any notes relevant to height) and 3D perspectives from various angles to give you a good view of what the space could look like.

What CAD program do you use?


We have been using the 2020 software for 8 years and love it. Not only can we create professional looking floor plans and elevations; but it also allows us to generate 3D perspectives giving you as close to real life impression of what your space can look like. It is not limited to just kitchens either; using 20-20 we can also create bathroom and wardrobe designs, TV entertainment cabinetry and some furniture too.

How much do you charge?

For onsite consultations where I will measure the space and we will discuss in detail your ideas, I charge an hourly rate of $110 + GST + Travel. This covers the Auckland Area. For areas outside of Auckland, please get in touch so we can discuss.

The minimum I charge for a drawing is $130 + GST and this includes 1 hour of drawing and admin costs to set up your job. This means no job is too small. If you require a drawing for a custom cabinet, it can be done and at a reasonable cost.

My drawing hourly rate after the first hour is $80 + GST.

After we have either an onsite consultation or you have sent me the relevant documentation to enable me to ascertain exactly what you expect, I work up an estimate and require a 50% deposit to be paid to enable me to get started.

With the issue of each set of drawings I inform you of how much the design fee is so you are never surprised and to enable you to see when the deposit has been spent. Once I have completed your drawings to the level we discussed and prior to issuing them, I will send an invoice for the balance, and once this is paid I will email your last set of drawings.

In a nut shell, how much you will pay is dependent on how quickly you make decisions and how often you change your mind.