Independent Kitchen Coach

Designing a kitchen is a collaboration.
A professional kitchen designer needs input from you, their client to help them make it your dream space. Everyone is unique and as such, not only do they have different ideas about what’s important to them and their family but they all have individual ways of working in the kitchen.
It is my job and my pleasure to aid you in thinking about all the things you wouldn’t normally think about.
Just think of me as your Independent Kitchen Coach and let me assist you in making your cabinetry dreams a reality.

How Can I Help You?

The Benefits of using an Independent Contractor
The combination of a comprehensive set of drawings and a specification sheet giving all the details of materials, finishes and hardware specific to your project; is a powerful set of documents. Using this information enables you to go to manufacturers of your choice to obtain quotations for manufacture and installation. As they are all using the same set of information to quote from, it means you are able to compare prices on an ‘apples for apples’ basis. When obtaining several quotes you may be surprised at how different the prices can be, meaning you are able to make an informed decision.
And if you don’t know of any manufacturers, I am happy to provide you with contact information for several.

What We Offer

As every design is unique to the individual; so too is the service we offer. The process is adaptable to suit your needs – whatever they may be.

What we can draw includes but is not limited to:

  • Kitchens of any size
  • Sculleries or Butler’s Pantries
  • Laundries
  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobes for all bedrooms
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Media Rooms
  • Drying Rooms
  • Bespoke cabinetry eg: TV entertainment units

The above list are just examples, if what you would like a drawing of is not listed above, please get in contact and we can discuss your project.


A set of Concept Drawings from Crawford Cabinetry Design consists of:

  • A cover sheet with area for signature sign off by client
  • A detailed floor plan noting all cabinetry and dimensions plus any appliance or accessory codes if they are confirmed
  • Elevations noting dimensions and any notes relevant to height
  • Enough 3D perspectives to give you a good view of what the space could look like

A set of Production Drawings from Crawford Cabinetry Design will consist of all the items listed for Concept Drawings, however, all the information included should be of a higher specification level in that all codes for appliances, hardware etc should be confirmed and the drawings amended to suit the site measure carried out by the manufacturer.

NOTE: Drawings done in 2020 are able to include 3D Perspectives.

Specification Sheet for Pricing

This is a document we can create and provide to accompany concept drawings which you can take to a manufacturer of your choice. The spec sheet will have all the details relevant to enable a manufacturer to provide you with an accurate quotation. This includes but is not limited to: cabinetry material, bench top materials and thickness, cabinetry heights, hardware and appliance information.

Specification Sheet for Production

This is a document we can create and provide to accompany production drawings which you can take to a manufacturer of your choice. It is similar to the spec sheet for pricing but will have more definitive details to enable the manufacturer of your choice to construct your kitchen; with all the appliances and accessories unique to your kitchen. This includes but is not limited to: cabinetry material & colour, bench top materials and thickness, cabinetry heights, hardware and appliance codes.


The process is adaptable to suit your needs as, here at Crawford Cabinetry Design no job is too big or small so the following is an indication as to what you may require:


Obtaining the necessary information to provide you with a concept can be as simple as you emailing through a plan showing the relevant sizes to the space, with a design brief in your own words. We would more than likely follow that up with a phone call with any questions or queries that we would like to raise with you before starting.


We are happy to meet you on site and discuss your requirements, noting any relevant room dimensions and taking photos of the space for reference when we are creating your design.

Within the concept stage if it’s necessary and within your budget; we usually specify hardware. This is noted on the plans.
If you wish for us to take it a step further we are happy to provide you with a specification sheet (as detailed above).
Together with the concept plans you would then have all the necessary documentation to take to a manufacturer of your choice.
If you are unsure of whom to approach with regards to manufacture; we are happy to make some suggestions.


These drawings are usually generated from the concept drawings we have drawn; and altered to a site measure carried out by the manufacturer. However, we are able to provide production drawings even if we haven’t produced the concept drawings.
Please see above for more information about production drawings.

How else can we help?

I believe in assisting my all my clients as best I can and if that means you aren’t quite ready for the services I offer, it is no problem, hopefully I can assist you in obtaining the information and/or services you need right now.

Nine Yards Consulting
Before you even get to designing any interior cabinetry, and if you are contemplating a renovation of any size but have no idea where to start, I recommend you get in touch with Jen Jones at Nine Yards Consulting. Jen can be as involved as much or as little as you need and has a wealth of free information on her website, and for a small cost, downloadable E-books on every renovation topic you could possibly want, which is a great place to start. Jen has worked in the commercial sector for many years on multi-million dollar projects and has now turned her hand at the residential market, so she has the experience and know-how to help to make your renovation stress free.
If this is the stage you find yourself in, please click through to her website: nine yards consulting 

DIY Designs
Perhaps you have completed the interior and would like to get your gardens and landscaping sorted?

Kerry Speirs is the company director and Lead Garden Designer at DIY Designs and can be as involved with your garden design as much as you would like or your budget allows. With more than 12 years in the industry in a professional capacity, Kerry is well equipped to assist you with all things garden. Best of all, if your budget is tight a lot of the work can be done by you with Kerry assisting where necessary, and mostly online.
If you need help with your garden, head on over to her website where you will find a truck load of free information and pricing plans to suit any budget: DIY Designs